Roll-off Dumpster Software – Features & Advantages of Starlight


Work orders and invoices. Roll-off software done right. 

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Stop reacting. Plan and manage resources and work in advance to create much greater overall fleet efficiency


Live connection from customer to container, let’s you respond, plan, and manage with total efficiency and absolute accuracy for every opportunity you have

starlight inventory with can history

Completely accurate live container inventory with GPS location precision, including full history of usage.
starlight contractor mobile phone application

Strong competitive advantage and differentiation in your market as your commercial customers have 24-hour, 7-day self-service order, payment, tracking, and reporting ability – all with their custom pricing and preferences.
starlight online website container ordering

Never lose an order, 24-hour, 7-day self-service order and payment on your website. All your electronic orders from both retail customers and contractors on the mobile app happen directly in your billing system, no duplication, no reentry, no mistakes.
paperless operations made possible by starlight driver mobile app

Automatically, every document, image, and receipt are collected as work occurs and then catalogued and archived permanently in proper association with work orders and invoicing. Never lose track of any revenue or any documentation, ever.
starlight work order entry

Each work order, not each route, dictates software design. Dispatch and routing are optimized for maximum flexibility, efficiency and real time response to individualized customer needs and preferences.
starlight custom billing and invoicing

Roll-off specific billing system is integrated with operations and logistics, seamlessly capturing every dollar of revenue, making invoices ready to create as soon as each work order completes. Bill when you want.

starlight captured fees and report taxes

Automatically capture, report and remit fees and taxes accurately at a detailed level, based on districts and material types you specify.

starlight driver app view

The newest release of the Starlight Driver App runs on both iOS and Android and is available in both English and Spanish

starlight driver app activity screen

Quickbooks integration coming soon in an upcoming version of Starlight. Electronic DVIRs, scale systems, and more add to extend Starlight’s value.

Features and Advantages of Starlight – Roll-Off

  • Live, Map-Based Dispatch
  • Real Time Operations
  • 100% Accurate Inventory
  • Smartphone Contractor Application
  • Web Retail Application
  • Paperless Operations
  • Work Order Design
  • Custom Billing Engine
  • Fees and Taxes
  • Driver Application
  • 3rd Party Integrations

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