Grow Your Business with Starlight SalesPoint

Dumpster Inventory Software

Starlight Salespoint Dumpster Inventory Software

The brand-new Starlight SalesPoint retail web application is an extension of your current website and allows customers to rent a dumpster directly from your website with just a few clicks. This self-service 24/7 always-open storefront can easily increase sales for both new customers and returning customers.

Starlight SalesPoint takes customers through a structured, intuitive and natural process flow that you would be proud to have your best customer service rep do over the phone. SalesPoint gathers and assembles all the essential order information, using your pricing, terms and service requirements. SalesPoint takes payment, makes a deposit in your bank account, then transfers data from the sale instantly so you can fill the order.

    • Draw service areas and outline map-based pricing zones.
    • Container sizes and prices.
    • Accepted materials.
    • Weight restrictions.
    • Company terms and conditions.
    • Upload logos, colors, and descriptions so Starlight SalesPoint looks and feels like an extension of your website


    As a SalesPoint hauler, draw your individual service areas that match your markets. Set unique pricing for each area. Define it down to the individual container and even specific material level for each market area.

    SalesPoint Customer Experience

    From the customer side, Starlight SalesPoint Dumpster Inventory Software collects everything needed to create a complete order from your customer. The order information delivered to you has all the details you need for your roll-off business to deliver the dumpster, and credit card payments made through SalesPoint are directly and immediately deposited in your bank account.

    Customer name and contact info, delivery instructions and notes, requested delivery date and time, photos taken or uploaded by customers are all included in the order form delivered to you. The customer’s experience and order delivery to you are seamless. Returning customers can login to their profile for their convenience, see previous orders and repeat the process.

    Customize Starlight SalesPoint so it looks and feels like an extension of your website. You can add your logo, company description, colors, and all the necessary dumpster details.

    Starlight’s Fully Integrated System 

    Starlight SalesPoint is available as a standalone product, or as a fully integrated, intelligent extension of the complete Starlight system.  

    • The standalone version of SalesPoint doesn’t require that you run the Starlight service.  Post it to your website, we’ll help you configure for your business, and then immediately begin to receive prepaid orders by email.
    • The integrated version of SalesPoint acts as an intelligent endpoint to the powerful Starlight engine.   Post it to your website, we’ll help you configure, and then SalesPoint connects live to the Starlight service and creates finished, prepaid sales orders instantly ready for dispatch, tracking and follow through in your Starlight system.  Automatically flow orders into Starlight’s paperless integrated system for delivery, pickup, disposal, work order completion, and reporting, including any final billing for daily usage or overages charged if needed.

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