Whip Around Makes Starlight More Valuable to Customers


Posted On June 29, 2020

Starlight Adds Live DVIR Capability 

Starlight wants to make their customers lives easier, help them grow their business, and allow them to receive accurate information at their fingertips. While looking to constantly improve, Starlight joined forces with Whip Around. Whip Around is the #1 rated fleet inspection and maintenance reporting software. Starlight customers are able to receive the benefits of Whip Around immediately.

Benefits of Whip Around 

These benefits include paperless and fully DOT compliant vehicle inspection reporting capability, along with live data and imagery directly to their maintenance staff. All of this information is efficiently recorded in the Starlight Driver Application. This is a significant advantage to Starlight customers because it ensures drivers document all required vehicle inspections before heading out to their route. Whip Around is the only software in the industry with this uniquely integrated operating ability.

Starlight’s sister company, 5280 Waste Solutions in Denver CO., has been using Starlight with Whip Around for over 6 months now. The integration has improved the efficiency and productivity of 5280’s 37 truck fleet, significantly.

We want our customers to stay in control of their fleet, managing drivers safely and effectively.

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