Listen To Our Customers

Pam R- "Starlight has improved our day to day operations tremendously! Customer support is stellar, 2nd to none. I would highly recommend their software to any and all waste management companies, large or small."

Marci S - "Great Product. We are so much more organized now! Wonderful customer service. Highly recommended."

Chris C - "We are very pleased with Starlight Pro. The software is very user friendly and their customer service and support are exemplary! We feel that we have made an excellent choice for our growing company!"

Alycia H - "WONDERFUL software! Super user friendly, very easy to learn, highly efficient in all aspects of our business. I have used a lot of different programs, but Starlight is by far the best to work with. I couldn't be happier with Starlight!"

Shane M - "We can get more orders throughout the day out to our customers. Customer service has absolutely been phenomenal."

A Pandemic and 28% Revenue Growth


Using the same drivers and trucks, MCM Disposal created operational efficiency.

Michigan was largely closed down in the spring of 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even with MCM Disposal’s roll-off operation at half its normal levels for March and April 2020, their annual revenue grew by 28% as a result of implementing Starlight Software.

MCM Disposal is a Michigan based roll-off dumpster company servicing the Greater Grand Rapids area. Operating since 2003, the company aims to provide customers with hassle free, affordable waste and recycling services.


Streamlining Operations


By implementing the Starlight solution, U-LOAD-IT Dumpsters Inc. has not only improved overall morale between all the customers and drivers, it has also empowered the company to double their operations.

U-LOAD-IT Dumpsters Inc. is a Kansas City, MO-based dumpster rental company offering service to a metro population of roughly 2 million residents. The company was founded in 1998 by Warren Stienstra Sr. and his son Warren Jr. In 2007, Sr.’s youngest son Aaron joined U-LOAD-IT after receiving his Bachelor’s Degree from Central College in Pella, IA. In 2017 Warren Sr. fully retired and brothers Warren Jr. and Aaron became co-owners. Since 2014 Aaron and Jr. have been achieving significant growth by implementing new operational efficiencies, nearly doubling their dumpster count, and adding new vehicles to their fleet


Creating A Foundation for Growth


 Tim and Jack started TJ Services in January of 2018 by purchasing one truck and several cans. As novices in the industry, they learned quickly that using the right tools to build a proper foundation for efficiency would be the key to rapid and sustainable growth. Over just the past year, TJ Services has grown by nearly 400%.

“We built it to where it is today,” Jack said about the growth they’ve seen in the past few years. “We realized pretty early on that the system we were cobbling together to run this business was dysfunctional and fractured. That’s what led us to Starlight and immediately, it was a game changer.”



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