What’s New With Starlight?


Posted On July 31, 2020

Starlight’s New Feature Highlights: July 2020

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Starlight is an integrated suite of mobile and enterprise applications. We revolutionize the waste hauling and transportation industries with real-time, end-to-end operations, live connection to customers, and complete control of assets and management of the business process. Our recycling and roll-off dumpster software is designed to make your operations more effective and efficient on every level.

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Starlight continues to make changes and updates to make hauling easier for our customers. We’re excited to announce the latest updates available on the Starlight app.


1. iOS Driver App 

Starlight’s driver application can now be downloaded onto iOS devices such as an iPhone or iPad.

2. Spanish Driver App

Driver’s can toggle between English and Spanish. When drivers login to their applications, a Change Language toggle becomes visible, as seen below.

3. Aging Cans Report 

A new number of days field is added to the cans aging report. This field will show you the amount of days a can has been onsite.


4. Suspend/Resume Work Orders 

Dispatch now has an option to suspend a work order or place a work order on pause until it is ready to be resumed. Some may refer to this process as ‘suspending a can’. Full containers can be staged at intermediate locations and work orders can be paused and resumed later while keeping the original order in tact.

Work order types which can be suspended are:

    •  SWITCH
    •  FINAL
    •  LIVE LOAD

Click here to see what an entire pending work order looks like from “Suspending” to “Resume.”

Starlight continuously adapts to meet our customers needs. Not only that, we understand the specific needs of dumpster companies because we have real-world experience with our sister company, 5280 Waste Solutions.